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Cooperating Broker

If you want us to distribute your listing to the MLS (highly recommended as 87% of homes are found through the MLS), you will agree with a cooperating broker fee. The amount can be determined by you and the buyer broker when the time comes, should the buyer have a broker. 

A seller would opt to pay a cooperating broker fee so they may list on the MLS and brokers show seller home to their clients. NestQuest Direct recommends opting in for the Cooperating Broker Agreement as it is necessary to list your home on the MLS.


Taking into account a median house sale of $500,000, if you negotiated a cooperating broker fee of 2.5% you would pay $12,500, in addition to NestQuest’s flat rate FSBO turbocharged package of $385, for a total of $12,885.

If you take the typical brokerage commission of 6% on a median house sale of $500,000, that would be a commission of $30,000. So you are saving over $17,000 by opting in to the cooperating broker fee with NestQuest Direct’s flat rate FSBO Turbocharged fee of $385.